My customers are those who appreciate the handmade. Things that take time and patience to create. Things that are made to last, that will be passed on to future generations. My customers deeply value beauty and practice a commensal lifestyle. If this description fits who you are or who you want to become, and if you feel ready to bring some beautiful pieces into your home, then let's get started on the design process. 


I create and sell collections versus one-off pieces. Tableware collections comes in 3 sizes, including small, medium and full. More details can be found on the ORDER PROCESS page. Upon ordering a collection, additional pieces may be added such as cups, platters, larger bowls, grazing sets, etc.


The pieces on this site have all gone to other homes, however designs can be re-created. Just know that no two pieces are the same and that each has its own unique personality. They are examples of what is possible in terms of color palette, form and pattern. A launching off point so to speak. If you see something that speaks to you, we can start from there. If you're not sure about what you want, lets discuss, and I assure you, we will come up with something truly beautiful. A great way to begin the process is by filling out and submitting the questionnaire below. If you already have an idea of what you would like, click the 'order process' link below.





























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